State of the Union

A lot of people wouldn't agree with my upcoming assessment, but Obama truly had an amazing State of the Union. To come back from a crushing defeat in the 2014 elections and still stand up to those on the right side of the aisle showed incredible tenacity.  

The moment when he stared at his critics and rifled out a couple facts about the economic turnaround on his watch was one of my favorites of his presidency. He even threw in a needling wink! Later he even joked that he'd run his last race, which the Republicans jumped up to applaud. In a witty retort to their jeers, he shot back that it was "Because I won both of them."

It was the first moment when Obama has addressed the Nation and truly hasn't cared about offending the opposing party. Unlike many Presidents who at the end of their term become lame ducks, President Obama looks like he is rising to the challenge and truly wants to defend his legacy. Makes me slightly nostalgic for a late Tuesday night in November 2012, when I was weary after three crazy months in Columbus, Ohio and watched Obama give his 2012 victory speech. After all these years, I still believe in that hope and change.

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