Just Google It.

Me: “NationBuilder this is Kevin, how can I help you out today?”

Customer: “I just have a quick question, how do I……?”

Me(Internally): Here we go again.

To set the record straight, I truly love helping people do the thing that they were meant to do and I’m always stoked to facilitate them accomplishing their goals. But sometimes when people call in, I just wish I could tell them about NationBuilder’s Quick Question Rule. It’s not that I don’t like helping them, I just want to be able to help everyone in the quickest and most efficient way that I possibly can. It can be frustrating when I get stuck explaining a question that could easily be found by searching the Internet. So I’d like to share the Quick Question rule and some tips on troubleshooting NationBuilder problems with everyone who’s either a NationBuilder customer, or just interested in learning more about our Support apparatus.

First off, what is the Quick Question Rule?

On the first day of work at NationBuilder, one of the first rules that you learn is that there are no Quick Questions. A quick question is when you interrupt whatever someone else is doing to ask a “Quick Question”. At first I thought to myself, I never do that! But when I began to think about it, I actually sometimes do. The quick easy question that you ask of a co-worker might seem inconsequential to you, but to to them it might make them late to a meeting, interrupt a train of thought, or just disrupt their workflow. While Quick Questions might not seem like a big deal, it does create a disruption, whether small or not, when you interrupt someone's time without making an effort to troubleshoot it yourself. Since I’m now aware of the disruption that a quick question causes, I’ll often find myself asking fewer of them and attempt to solve as much of the problem on my own rather than asking for help as soon as I hit a wall.

Why is learning how to troubleshoot things yourself important?

While NationBuilder might have the most epic customer service out there, it’s still hard for us to help everyone, especially if a lot of people are calling in with simple questions. That’s why it’s essential that whenever you run into a problem when you’re trying to do something, that you google your question before giving your organizer or Frontline a call. We’re definitely here to help you out, and we want to give you the tools to be successful, but part of giving you those tools is showing you how to set yourself up for success, and not guiding you through every step of the process. Here at NationBuilder, we want you to be able to fly, and we’re always going to be there to help you out whenever you stumble, but eventually we want you to do it all on your lonesome.

So how does it actually work?

 I’ve found an awesome place to start is by simply Googling the thing you want to do and following it up with "NationBuilder.". If you ever run into any problems or are stumped about how to do whatever it is that you’re trying to do, it’s always a good option to search it and see if anyone else has run into the same problem before. Check out this example search below:


To this day, I’ll still google my questions about NationBuilder to find out answers to specific questions, oftentimes, I’ll even do it while I’m on the phone with a customer! It’s really that easy. Also, our online support documentation is extremely comprehensive and you’ll often find out more about NationBuilder from reading one of the support posts then you would from calling your organizer or Frontline. By going to the Support section on our website you’ll learn how to do the thing that you were trying to figure out, and also be given the tools to continue to improve and grow your nation in the future.

One caveat to these tips is that there will always be some questions that you can’t get answered. It’s possible that the thing you’re googling might not even be possible, or that we haven’t written the support documentation or heaven forbid, there’s a bug in the system. For those kinds of cases we’re definitely here to help! When you run into this issues that really stump you, please NEVER hesitate to contact us. If it’s normal business hours and not urgent, shoot your organizer a quick email or call and give them some time to get back to you. If it’s extremely urgent and your organizer is unresponsive, give Frontline a call at 213-394-4623, email help@nationbuilder.com or tweet @NationBuilder to ask for help and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Thanks for reading!

I appreciate your time and I wish you the best of luck doing whatever it is that makes you stoked. Remember, when you run into trouble, keep calm and just google it! I’ll see you soon on the Frontlines :)

 If you want to chat, tweet me at @kevinjcoleman7 or shoot me an email to kcoleman@nationbuilder.com.



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